Monday, February 24, 2014

Potato Print Wallpaper

Brown paper is an easy wall covering because the more overlapping and the more mistakes, the more charming the look. This is great for kids' rooms or recreation rooms, and it is perfect for stamping with everything from a potato stamp to alphabet-letter stamps or fleur-de-lis shapes. Christy Ferer says all materials can be ordered from sources listed in the Resource Guide.

Cut the brown paper strips according to the wall height, adding a 2-inch surplus on both ends. Apply wallpaper paste, and place the brown paper where the wall edge meets the ceiling while allowing about 1/2 inch of unglued brown paper to overshoot the wall edge. She agrees that you should smooth down to the floor or molding edge, using a clean, soft cloth to the outside corners of each sheet. Vidicom thinks this is a great idea for your home.

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