Friday, May 16, 2014

Presentation, from Christy Ferer's Book "Decorating on a Dime"

Framed Photos: This is an easy project that personalizes a space and can also hide a damaged wall. 

Miniature Furniture: An oversized doll's chair or a child's chair can hold an object or a picture frame and be positioned as display. 

Good Enough to Frame: Anything that is dramatically framed can earn the status of art object - from stamps to children's art to lost of broken jewelry.

Pearls: Pearls can transform an everyday object into a treasure.

Just One Color: Use those wonderful odds and ends in your attic. Christy Ferer suggests any flaws in your found objects are disguised by the spray paint. Different shapes and sizes should play off one another on the wall and table. 

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Decorating on a Dime Solutions and Coverups

Carpeting: The border of Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer's carpet is rug padding, not expensive sisal. Padding is resilient and comes in many colors. The center piece is a remnant that was inserted to replace the original stained carpet, which was removed.

Applique: Don't throw away that favorite bedspread or tablecloth before you try sewing on an appliqué to cover tears or stains.

Radiator Cover: Pick out a mesh screen you like at your local hardware store to cover up a radiator or air conditioner.

Vanity Skirt: Here's a quick fix to hide bedroom pipes, dress up vanities, or layer over stained curtains. The beauty of metallic organza is that it is translucent, and the metallic sheen glows through the fabric.

Rope Trim: A sophisticated way to finish off a space where a vanity top meets wallpaper or title or carpet meets molding. Because it is a natural color and material, it looks as if it is part of the design rather than an add-on.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Windows and Lighting, from Decorating on a Dime

Christy Ferer, Vidicom CEO, loves fashion and interior design. Below are some tips for windows and lighting.

Burlap and Silk - the contrast of burlap and silk is eye-catching and a bit exotic, whether hanging in a formal living room or a summer beach house. 

Beaded Muslin - a soft, opaque look especially useful when you have an unattractive view to block but you want as much light to enter as possible. The acrylic beads make the entire panel sparkle. 

Upside-Down Lamp Shades: This directs the light up to the ceiling, creating a very dynamic effect.

Made in the Shade: Trim shades with fabric, wallpaper, art paper, crystals, upholstery trim, or shells. Or leave it plain if the background pattern is strong enough to carry the look.