Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Read More of Christy Ferer's Introduction

Gather your materials in advance. Organize your materials in one space and check against Christy Ferer's style recipes to be sure you have everything you'll need. Enlist the help of or delegate tasks to friends or family to get your project started or completed. Set a deadline for beginning and ending your projects.

Christy says the message: decorating is no big deal. It is simply a state of doing. Don't be afraid of your own style instincts. This book is for all of us (including Vidicom staff) who have ever thought we couldn't frame a picture or who have gotten our fingers stuck together with glue.

The book begins with plaid floors. She says plaid floors is fun for kitchens or playrooms. She says you will need four colors for your plaid patterns.

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