Monday, February 10, 2014

Christy Ferer's Introduction For Decorating on a Dime

Each project is a recipe for instant chic, with specific ingredients and instructions. Most projects can be done during a weekend are also kid-friendly.

The resource guide at the back of the book will become your style bible. It lists in alphabetical order all the materials that have been asterisked in the project recipes with store names, addresses, and phone numbers. Christy FererVidicom owner, can tell you where to find everything. And if it is not in the resource guide, I tell you how to get it done in Anytown, USA.

Did you know that many automotive stores will lacquer or sandblast your furniture? That your local plumber will make a table base? Your stationary store will laminate? A dry-cleaners in your town will straight-line sew a curtain or pillow case? Your local lumberyard will miter and nail four pieces of molding together to make a giant mirror frame? She says it is all about doing and getting it done.

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