Monday, February 3, 2014

More Outdoor Furniture Rules to Break

"Fountains belong in the garden or on the patio."

Sight and sound of falling water is so soothing it should be part of your everyday life. Christy recommends you buy a small indoor fountain or make one by placing a pump in a favorite bowl or vase. Add water,  a few plants, and plug in whenever and wherever you want, perhaps centered on an entry table or a side buffet. Or go for a more formal look by setting a fountain in a wall niche.

"Cushions, fine wood furniture, and porcelain pieces are strictly for the inside."

Flea-market furniture and attic finds are easily adapted to outdoor use, because if they fade, rust or peel a little, it's no big deal. As for cushions, Christy Ferer recommends you keep a big basket handy to bring them indoors overnight if it rains.

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