Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Christy Ferer's Plans for Her Garden

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer has a few tips on gardens:

  • Collect and display old garden tools and seed packets.
  • Flank a fireplace with old porch columns and a window with outdoor shutters.
  • Hang an outdoor trails on the wall or use one as a headboard.
  • Use branches as curtain rods and look for root or tree trunk furniture.
  • Use window, boxes inside. Set sill and fill with miniature boxwood or dwarf evergreens.
  • Electrify outdoor lanterns, sconces, and old glass oil lamps.
  • Make garden music with wind chimes.
  • Create a garden sculpture gallery with stone, terra-cotta, metal, wood, slate, or marble sculptures.
  • Use mirrors in the garden, positioned so they reflect flower beds, an expansive view, or a piece of art. Or use mirrored gazing balls set on pedestals or just placed casually on a garden wall or step.

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