Monday, January 13, 2014

Neglected Space Rules to Break from Christy Ferer

Christy Ferer has some rules to break when it comes to neglected space:

"Decorate bathrooms practically with fixtures and furnishings customized for bathrooms and use non-breakable accessories only."

Nonbreakable can be confined to the shower. The rest of the bathroom doesn't have to be devoid of interest. Silver, porcelain, or wood objects look great in the bath.

"Don't waste time or money decorating a laundry room. Nobody sees it."

Flash! Any room where you spend time should be visually pleasing. Even the lowly laundry room can pamper you by looking good and reflecting in your personal style.

She argues that "Corners and ceilings should be left bare so that they don't detract from the rest of the room."

Why can't they add to the room? Corners are pockets of space that can be put to use as work or display areas, while a ceiling's decoration can be the topping on a beautifully decorated room.

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