Friday, January 10, 2014

Neglected Space Ad from Christy Ferer's Book

Christy Ferer says any room in which you spend time deserves to be beautiful. Too many of us have boring bathrooms. Horrendous Hallways. Dull landings and laundry rooms. We figure they don't matter because for the most part they're not seen by guests. Stop treating yourself as a second-class citizen. Every part of your home should please you. Corners. Ceilings. The space under the stairway. Windowsills. Balconies. Christy Ferer suggest these are notoriously neglected by most people.

It only takes a little thought to accent the ignored spaces in your house by accessorizing them with clever visual surprises... the painting hung over the doorway to stretch the eye and the room upward...  a statue teetering on the top of a tall piece of furniture, maps, fishing rods, and pottery decorating the ceiling.

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