Friday, January 3, 2014

Space Rules to Break

"Keep furniture small in a small room"

Filling a small room with furniture emphasizes the small size of a room. Think big. Play with space and visually expand it. Use oversize furniture. Big couches. Hefty tables and sculptures. Large paintings and lamps. In the diminutive bedroom jewelry, Andreas Zadora created for his daughter, an oversize doll house fills the center of the room, giving the illusion of a much bigger space.

"Keep accessories small in a small space."

She says one great piece is always better than a lot of mediocre ones. Don't think of this as a poverty of riches but as the luxury of less. Calvin Klein says, "Pairing down is actually more difficult than adding embellishment-embellishment can hide flaws. With fewer elements, what's not essential is immediately discernible and interrupts the rhythm and mood of the environment." In fashion, doing less exposes and emphasizes the bare essentials-from the seams to the zippers In home design, editing puts the focus on details such as the piping on a chair is finished or the way objects are placed.

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