Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Christy Ferer's Eclecticism Rules to Break

"Decoration means coordination"

Christy Ferer, Vidicom CEO, advises to resist the of-the-rack. A modern sculpture on an antique dresser plays with new and old. Whether it is a stone fresco hung above a primitive Chinese wooden side table or a rugged log cabin centered on a crystal chandelier, unexpected juntaposition makes you see things in a whole different way. French antique dealer Nathalie Ballanger says: "Mixing makes a room that's like a mind, filled with many memories."

If you faithfully follow one style, she says, how can you possibly get it wrong? Well, you could end up with a room that looks like it came from a hotel chain. Different styles should play off one another. An eclectic home is a personal timeline, an autobiography. Use objects bought on travels, inherited pieces, and gifts you've been to tell the story of who you are.

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