Monday, December 2, 2013

Architectural Finds

Until this century, deeply carved architectural trims--ranging from columns and capitals to banisters, crowns, corbels, mantels, arches, and crowns--were mostly the property of the rich and royal. They were associated with huge manor houses of chateaus. Now, these elements can be found in junkyards, flea markets, and salvage yards. If not there, there are reproductions. Brass grilles from the thirties and forties or iron fences make great headboards. Lightweight plaster casts can be painted or antiqued to look as if they are hundreds of years old. Look for discarded gingerbread trim like old wooden corbels from demolished homes, hotels, or restaurants. Christy Ferer says they make great shelf supports. Or treat them as sculpture by placing them on a modern oblong or square column. Architectural elements give a sense of history to new rooms.

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