Monday, November 25, 2013

Display Rules to Break By Christy Ferer

"Art should be showcased on a plain unpatterned wall."

Vidicom CEO Christy Ferer says layering patterns gives a room depth. If in doubt, extra-wide mats surrounding a picture supply a little breathing space between the pattern on the wall and the subject matter of the art. White plates or collectibles pop against a wallpapered wall. Pictures or paintings displayed on bookcases add perspective to a room.

"Match the size of the artwork to the size of the wall. In other words, small wall equals small art, large wall equals large art."

Bananas... don't be afraid to aim for the unexpected. An outside framed vintage poster filing up a silver of a wall becomes important "wallpaper," as does an entire wall covered top to bottom with framed mirrors or back-and-white photos. Or go the opposite way. Try leaving wall clean and uncluttered to exaggerate its size. Or hang one small mirror smack in the center of it to act as a pinpoint of light.

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