Monday, October 28, 2013

Christy Ferer Shares Tips on Lights

Vidicom CEO, Christy Ferer, says the way a room is lit determines how we feel about it and how we see everything in it. Tectures, color accessories, all are sculpted by the type of lighting we choose. Lighting highlights and accents. Or, by its absence, it diminishes. Lighting strongly affects the ambience of a space. The brighter a light, the more exposed we feel. The softer it is, the more protected and calm.

To Bette Midler, "Light is everything. Light, light, light...gotta have light.... I can't stand to live in dark places." Midler is a huge fan of Swedish painter Carl Larsson. "He brought light into Swedish home plunged into darkness by short days," she says. "His use of light was magical and it inspired me in how I decorated and lit my house."

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